Upholstery Christchurch

Southern Comfort Upholstery are the place to go for all your upholstery Christchurch. With Southern Comfort Upholstery Christchurch, our expert team specialises in every type of chair, our upholstery Christchurch team can fix your worn out office, recliner, sitting, arm or novelty chair…with your choice of fabric so that your beaten up chair will look like new in no time.

Whether you need to impress clients and guests, or just want a new look for the old chair your grandfather left you, call us at Upholstery Christchurch so that we can discuss how you would like your chairs or sofa to look after we repair and reupholster it.

We specialise in all types of furniture upholstery Christchurch, and furniture repair and restoration. Based in Christchurch, Garry and his team can deliver your dream chair on time and on budget.

Come and talk to us about your upholstery Christchurch project. We specialise in all types of furniture repairs, from simple re-covering to complete restoration.

We can Rejuvenate:

Lounge Suites,

Sofa Beds & Couches,


Loose Cushions,

Dining & Kitchen Chairs,



Antique Furniture,

Office & Commercial Furniture


Your residential and commercial upholstery Christchurch team will even work with you individually to custom design your new lounge suite or upholstered piece.  If you can't find the right size, shape or coloured piece of upholstered furniture for your home, upholstery Christchurch can work with you to create the perfect piece of furniture for you!


Whether you need furniture upholstery to match your new home decor or furniture restoration, upholstery Christchurch are the experts!


Ask for a quotation and our friendly, helpful upholstery Christchurch staff will come to your location and help you decide which restoration options are best suited for your needs. You can even match the fabric with the colour of your room so you'll know exactly how everything will look before we finish.


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